Rhapsody for E-flat Clarinet & Wind orchestra

- Christiaan JANSSEN- solo: David Van Maele

C. Janssens:
"Rembrandt's Night watch has already moved many people.

Whether it is the beautiful "clair-obscure" or simply the "moving" scene of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq and his men, the fact remains that the painting continues to attract you.

An important role is therefore reserved for the soloist on E-flat clarinet, who takes on the role of Rembrandt and, together with the orchestra - in which the orchestra does not merely take on the accompaniment - tries to bring the Night watch to life.

This work was composed and dedicated to the E-flat clarinet soloist of the wind orchestra of the Royal Belgian Guides (Belgium), David Van Maele"
Night Watch Rhapsody DEMO Score